7 Ways to Ensure an Informative and Dynamic Presentation

We all have had our fair share of experiences with boring presentations. In fact, studies have shown 91% of listeners admitted of daydreaming while 39% of others were dozing off. On the other hand, as a presenter, it’s quite annoying when the audience isn’t listening and busy on something else during a presentation.

It’s up to the presenter to make a boring presentation or give an informative and very dynamic presentation. If you are looking for ways to ace your next briefing, then try these seven ways to ensure an informative and lively presentation. Your audience will be undoubtedly grateful.


  1. Captivate the audience from the beginning

Start your presentation with something short and interesting that is going to settle the audience and engage them with the presentation. The opening is by far the most important element of your performance, so start your presentation with a bang that audience will recall most distinctly.


  1. Prepare for Ice Breaker

Each of your audience comes to the venue in an entirely different mood. A simple ice-breaker at the beginning can put everyone on the same level to stimulate them for your presentation, while a simple ice-breaker in the middle of your talk can reboot their minds and refocus on your talk. Starting a presentation with an icebreaker will give the audience a clue that your speech will be interactive and dynamic.


  1. Get your audience’s opinion

One way of getting to know your audience is asking them what they think. Ask for their opinion but be sure not make them feel “put on the spot.”


  1. Share stories

Stories are food for the brain; it’s a common way to fascinate your audience’s attention.


  1. Add videos.

Videos are a great tool when it comes to producing an engaging presentation; it can summon emotions that are quite hard to elicit. Find the right video that will augment your discussion and put your viewers in the right mood.


  1. Include audience analysis and reporting

Split the audience into small groups, and make them discuss a concept for a few minutes. Afterward, asked one representative of the group to share what the group discussed to the rest of the audience. This method makes the audience more interested, engaged, and deepens their learning.


  1. Conclude with a great ending

The most remembered words you speak are the last ones, so end your presentation with a reflective end, a key ingredient to creating a dynamic lecture.

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