Role of friend

In continuation with the “3 people at once” series we are going to explore the role of friend or peer. This function is often confused and it is often skewed. We have personal friends and that is a wonderful thing. But this does not fulfill the role of peer. What we are talking about here […]

The Role of Student

After writing a couple of days ago about the 3 roles that successful people play, I found it ironic that our Day 3 assignment from the #StartExp was to find someone who was an expert at what we wanted to accomplish. The reason that this stood out to me is that this supports the need […]


There is a WAY! I was reminded this morning that there is always a way. Before we explore the way let’s take a moment to explain what I’m talking about. I’m sure we all have roadblocks in life. Something is standing between you and your dream. A desire to lose weight blocked by the tray […]

Talk About “IT”

Motivation is what happens when you share your dream! I had a realization Wednesday evening. Let me explain… Wednesday evening from 5:15 to 7:15 is my Panera Bread write night. This is 2 of the hours out of my week that I spend eating the Turkey Bravo sandwich and a cup of soup and on […]

Get Free

Freedom… A word that is in the front of the minds of people all over across the United States today. As we take a moment to celebrate and reflect on the history of our nation. I’d like us to be willing to reflect on a related but different topic. I’d like us to take a […]

Let’s GO!

Let’s Go! I want to start with a brief explanation of this blog (or my attempt at blogging). Truth is I would rather be running my mouth than typing. That said, I’ve become enamored with the world of blogging. I’m doing this as more of a social experiment than anything else. You see….My name is […]