Can you be 3 people at once?

I remember a concept taught to me that has led to success throughout my career. Don’t get me wrong. I am not Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. I am not the Founder/Leader of a multinational conglomerate, but I feel that I have had success in my career. I’ve never been out of work for more than a week. I’ve never had to take a job for less money than I was making in my previous position and I’ve always been treated with respect by my peers and leadership.

My career has always been an upward movement or an expansion of knowledge and skills.
I say this not out of a sense of arrogance or bragging. I say this to first acknowledge that I’ve been very blessed. I also say it to draw attention to the fact that the model I’m going to share with you here works.

This concept was first introduced to me while doing an internship after High School. I’ve been using the concept for nearly 15 years since and it has brought great fulfillment and I want to share it with you.

I want to introduce you to 3 people you must have in your life to be successful. In truth they are not really people but roles that people play. If you can find people to fill these roles, you will find the success you’re looking for.

Understand that our goal here is to be in the position of all 3 roles at the same time.

The first role I’d like to first discuss is the one that we have played since we were children. It is the role of student. At the early stages of life we learn that we need to learn from those around us.

The second role that all successful people are willing to fulfill is the role of peer. They are willing to embrace friendship and balance joy with learning as the walk through life together.

The third role that successful people function in is as role of the mentor. Successful people find a way to teach what they have learned to others.
Many find it simple to learn and even easier to have good friends, but they find it difficult to teach what they know to others.

Over the next 3 posts we are going to look at all 3 roles of successful people.

Before we dive into each role take a 90 second self-assessment

Which of the roles do I enjoy most? Student, Peer, or Mentor

Which of the roles to I currently play in my life? Student, Peer, or Mentor

Which role is missing in my life? Student, Peer, or Mentor

Where do I find the people to fill the role of Student, Peer, or Mentor?

Based on the information in the questions above be sure to check back as we explore the importance of behaving in all functions of successful relationships.

Go find, a mentor, peer and a student to run the race of success together!


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