Beware of the Business Culture

As a consultant, I have traveled across the United States working with companies and their leadership. I have learned in the past decade that there is far more going on than what meets the eye. The most common mystery that we have uncovered is that beyond the corporate culture there is another culture that you […]

A Company Built to Grow

Every day I’m given the opportunity to peak behind the curtain of some highly successful companies. The question that continues to present a significant opportunity is this.   “Is your company built to grow?”  This issue is the difference between a hobby business and the building of a self-sustaining profit machine.  As markets change and technology […]


Relationships: How Coaching Can Improve Yours

Personal success and relationships are interconnected. Through a developed coaching program, you can improve your communication and people skills to maintain and improve the relationships. Also, your coach can assist you to create a better balance in your life which would lead to more creative energy for your work. If you want to get somewhere […]