Characteristics of Inspirational Leaders: Are You One?

The ability to inspire others to reach greater heights of performance and success is a prevalent skill that leaders must possess to build great teams. What makes a leader different from a typical boss or manager, is how they get things done. A manager focuses on getting a job done while a leader motivates and empowers his team to achieve the maximum level of productivity. There are many characteristics a leader must master to cater to various types of employees habits and tendencies, ability to inspire, one of the most important.


According to John Maxwell, “Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”

Inspiring leaders have shared traits, Including the few below:

  1. Unfailing Optimism: they see silver linings in every cloud. They know being a pessimist on a problem or situation allows no progress, so they remain active and affect people with positivity. They see the light when others see uncertainty and despair.
  2. Purpose: Inspiring leaders believe there is a greater purpose than sole success and it is helping people achieve their dreams and purpose.
  3. Believing in a better future: they paint a vivid picture of the future so that people can assess the reality and focus on a better tomorrow. They give people hope that better things are possible, and there is a way to get there.
  4. Good Listener: they are aware of their people’s concerns, ideas, aspirations and tend to respond appropriately. They listen to understand, not to react. Maintain an open the door policy to receive feedback and encourage them to contribute to the common goal.
  5. Give importance to its people: People want to know if their contributions matter, so they connect people to the bigger picture and show how their contributions are valued in building it.
  6. Contagious positive energy: they are passionate and enthusiastic in the stories they share with people. Those who listen feel the rise of energy and feel inspired.

Based on the common traits above, are you an inspirational leader? What do you think you can do today to become one?

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