Are You Choosing The Right Speaker?

Choosing the right guest speaker can be a challenging task. You have many points to consider such as the speaker’s familiarity with the industry, professionalism, humor, budget, etc. Selecting the right one is the key to a successful meeting but how can you be sure that you are choosing the right speaker for the upcoming event?

Here are some tips on choosing the right speaker:

Identify Your Audience

The secret to bringing in the right speaker is assuring that it matches your audience’s general profile. A young start-up entrepreneur speaker may not surely relate to a group of current corporate seniors. Also, does your audience need information or do they need a motivational speaker?

Consider Your Budget

Look at your budget and be practical about what you can spend on hiring guest speakers. Also, consider the potential extra expenses such as travel and accommodation cost. Speaker prices differ according to its output, and it’s your task to explore those.

Doing so will benefit you and bypass confusion down the line to ensure that you only proposed those speakers whose cost is within your budget.

Understand the Purpose of the Speaker

What do you expect from the guest speaker? There are different types of guest speakers: the humorist, the motivational, the celebrity, and the industry speaker. If the purpose of the speaker is to entertain the audience, deliver the message with a sense of humor, then look for the humorist but be sure to monitor if their style is fitting for the event. While if the speaker’s purpose it to uplift and motivate the audience with compelling and inspiring stories then search for a motivational speaker. Whoever you choose, always review the resume and personality of your chosen guest speaker to ensure it’s fit for the audience and the event.

Review Options

Talk to your selected speakers about their experience, ask if they belong to speaker associations or awards if applicable. Also, ask if you can visit an event and observe them in action. When selecting for a speaker, acknowledge that you are not only paying for the time they spent for your event but also the hours used researching, preparing, and customizing presentations. Some speakers may negotiate fees for additional customization of deliverables, thus, always review your options.


Hiring the appropriate speaker for your event is not necessarily complicated, but it does take time, effort, a reasonable amount of consideration, and an enormous amount of early planning. Know your audience, consider your budget, understand what you expect from your guest speaker and review your options.

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