Keynote Speaking

Dynamic audience engagement in the areas of leadership organization, growth and vision.


Performance enhancement in leadership, professional excellence, and time management.


Taking business skills into the service of others.


There is no greater way to ensure that an idea, concept or goal is clearly communicated, distributed and understood than by the proper presentation of that information by a professional, engaging and motivating speaker.

Partnering with Matt Habuda to speak or train at your next event will ensure that your attendees experience an informative and dynamic presentation that leads to growth and direction for today and positive results for years to come.

Habuda Consulting brings to the table years of experience from Fortune 500 corporations, highly success private companies, and emerging small business startups. One of the largest challenges suffered by any business, regardless of size, is the amount of and types of training available to various members of the team. Our goal is to take proven top quality tools and provide them to companies, regardless of size or stature. Our training vision is to equip small to midsize organizations with the skills and knowledge previously available only to larger corporations and to provide more major companies with a clean program of assessment, evaluation, and development to help streamline operations to increase overall efficiencies.

We want to support you in investing in each and every employee and partner that you have. Habuda Consulting also understands that for the smaller operation, in-house training may not be practical or cost effective. Therefore, we offer topic specific, regional training and can partner with other local businesses to provide a dynamic classroom or online training experience. Learning is personal and individual. Our commitment is to provide vibrant, relevant and customized training that will take you and your organization to greater levels of success.

Habuda Consulting is also a limitless resource for keynote speakers. Our consultants and valued partner team bring expertise from all areas of life. We are committed to creating engaging, informative and inspirational events that leave participants begging for more.Good things happen when you work with Habuda Consulting!

Let’s Live Intentionally and Chase our Dreams Together!

Public Speaking Engagement

  • Event keynotes package
  • Breakout session package
  • Community event package
  • Motivation & Inspiration Package

Ready to take the next step in your journey?


  • Human Capital Management
  • Human Capital Strategy
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Generational differences
    • Generational Trends
    • A Changing Workplace
    • Self-fulfillment begins with Self-Awareness
  • Leadership (Servant and Inspirational)
  • Organizational Excellence
    • Pressing beyond ordinary
    • Standing out in a cluttered space.
  • Dream Catching!
  • Intentional living leads to intended results
  • Conquering Chaos: The Power of Focus

What My Clients Are Saying:

“Matt was a great asset to our organization. Our training environment was unconventional and our audience was not accustomed to professional training environment. His ability to adapt and engage with our team was a major step in developing our leadership team.”

Kevin B.

Vice President of Drilling Operations

“Habuda Consulting brought a dynamic and engaging look at our organization. The presentation was entertaining, pointed and productive. Presented in a way that gave us plenty to work with while respecting our time constraints”

Kyle L.

Director of Employee Engagement

“ I had the distinct pleasure of hearing Matt Habuda speak at a conference this week. His presentation regarding putting a time-table on your dreams and hustle, was so inspiring. Matt’s presentation abilities are obvious and he is very compelling in person. I have begun following all things Habuda Consulting. I can definitely recommend Matt Habuda and Habuda Consulting.”

Amy J Campbell, CMRP

Industrial Marketing || Salesforce CRM