Day Dreaming Allowed!

Just writing the title to this post made me do a double take.

How many of us were ever told as a child that we needed to pay attention and stop daydreaming? I was told that often…and I am sure many of you can relate.  I remember all the ideas that came from those days, but like most things in my childhood they stayed in my child years.  I was encouraged to focus, build a plan, execute the plan, chose a career.   These were the lessons I learned. I was inadvertently taught that dreaming gets us nowhere, and that only hard work and planning get us where we want to be.

This was all I heard as a child…but it wasn’t out of ill intent. In fact quite the contrary. The people saying these things wanted the best for me. They were giving advice from the world they knew. They came from a place where successful people studied hard, went to school, got a job, and on this journey found success. It was not until I was going to university that I heard a different way. I had a professor who has passed away now, but he used to say “You have a story to tell, a song to sing, a book to write, greatness is in you… the question is will you let it out?”

I will never forget Dr. Allen’s words to me. He was the first person to give me permission to dream impossible dreams as if they we reality. I learned that chasing dreams was fun but catching  and living my dreams was even more fulfilling. He unlocked something that continues in me to this day.

Why is it that we tell our children to focus and stop day dreaming? Why do we drive them to the lives that we despise? It is amazing to me how we have shifted from encouraging people to identify the life they want and then find a way to achieve those results, to a lifestyle where people are going deeply into debt while trying to escape a life they despise. We have a responsibility in this day and age to take off the limits and launch ourselves and others into the audacious. We should be catapulting ourselves and others into the extraordinary by making dreams reality.

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This alone is a very difficult challenge for many of us. I was recently speaking with a client I was coaching and when talking with her I asked 2 questions, “What great thing would you like to accomplish in life?”. I then asked,  “What would you do if you had no limitations on your time and resources?” The answers I received amazed me.

I’m not a dreamer Matt. That was for people with a grand purpose in life. Great things don’t happen to people like me and people like me don’t do great things. We are born with a limit to what we can accomplish and I’ve maxed out.  I don’t allow myself to think about things like what life would be like if I did not have limitations. It is foolish, because I have done all I can do. My lot in life is to work this job and get by.

Can you hear the defeat in her response? As we continued to talk this 44 year old woman explained that her father used to tell her that dreams were for the foolish and that her ex-husband of 13 years told her that she had to be the stable one, while it was his role to dream and improve their life.

Are you kidding me?

It will take time for us to encourage this individual to learn to dream.  We know we have our work ahead of us, but the truth that we did agree on is simple.

We have permission to DREAM!

As we move forward and learn to dream together the starting point is simple.

Day Dreaming is Allowed!

So here is your mission if you choose to accept it.  Fill in the bubble below with your dream. What is it that we would like to do in this life that will leave a legacy to the generations that follow?

Consulting, public speaking, blogging all started as a daydream. I knew the limitations, but I also had a dream.

I have not arrived at my goal, in fact, I’m still a long distance from hitting the mark, but I allowed myself to dream.

It is in this dreaming process that I have begun to come alive! I have found Habuda Consulting Group to be more than I ever thought possible.  I have found 2 subdivision that encompass my passion first, this blog ACT Speaking, and second Live 4-1 Outreach our widow and orphan advocacy blog.

This is my dream. I hope that by reading this you will begin to chase your dream.

Fill your dream bubble this week. Allow yourself to dream like you may not have done since you were a child.

Allow yourself to ask these questions.

What could happen? What could I do? Where could I go? Who could I help? What could I see? What could I write? What could I learn?

The list could go on forever, but once you are done writing out all the answers that you can possibly come up with, ask more 3 questions.

  1. Which of these would I enjoy doing?
  2. Which of these can I do or would I be willing to learn how to do?
  3. Do I at the very least want to try and see?

As you go through this process I encourage to make as many lists a possible.

Find a dream and then chase with all you’ve got!

Let’s Go Together!






One thought on “Day Dreaming Allowed!

  1. Sandy Pipkin

    You hit the nail on it’s day-dreaming head just like my 2nd grade teacher nailed me as a retard (Sorry, those were not politically-correct times.) Fortunately Mom wasn’t convinced. At a new school, a new teacher used day-dream time as a reward for getting work done. Better. But still no connection between dreaming and doing.
    Why do we prefer to make that such a hard thing to get?

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