Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching in Tulsa, OK
Financial Coaching

One of the most common limitation to achieve personal or business success is a lack of financial strategy. Coaching with Habuda builds millionaires, plain and simple. To achieve this level of success many of us need help.

Some are looking to crawl out from under a mountain of tax debts and credit cards, while others are looking to make their first or tenth million.

The 5 step coaching strategy for financial freedom

1.  Pull Back the Curtain – Take the hard look at where you really are in your financial situation.
2.  Determine the Target– Craft a target of what you are attempting to achieve financially
3.  Build the Boxes– Break financial responsibilities into 4 core boxes.
4.  Build the Plan– If you do not know the path to your target you will never hit it!
5.  Live the Plan– On going support to ensure you are pursuing and achieving your financial goals

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