It’s Not US- It’s You!

Have you ever stopped to ask why your business isn’t growing? Possibly you are concerned that you are not getting the funding you feel you deserve.

Have you redone your marketing, changed your sales tactics, hired a team, and still you feel that you are not having the success you feel you deserve?

I’ll let you in on a secret that is not really a secret: It’s not the potential investor, your team, or your customers—it’s you.

That’s right, super-brilliant innovator with a billion-dollar idea! You are standing in your own way. How do I know? Because I see it every day.

You’ve spent months and years designing, coding, developing, branding, forecasting—and now the time has arrived for you to lead your company into the spotlight.

And the one project in most need of development has been ignored.

You’ve failed to develop yourself as the organizational leader your company needs. What makes matters worse is that everyone can see it but you.

Well, it’s time to wake up! Your dream, your vision, your success, your wealth, your company, and your future depend on it.

Now, you may be saying at this point that surely I’m not talking about you, and if you are thinking that, chances are, I am.

But how do we fix the problem? I’m going to give you three things we can do to fix the problem.

1. Get a mirror. Yes, you read that right. “It’s time to get a mirror—but not like you’re thinking. What I’m talking about is to find someone who will tell you what he sees. And yes, hire this person. In other words, pay them. Why? Because the chances are your friends, family, and employees are going to feed you the same storyline you have been feeding yourself for the past ten years. However, a paid coach/mentor has nothing to lose. Their success is based on your success, and he will only help you succeed by telling you the truth.

You’ve built a concept, and maybe even a business or career, but you are not built to lead. You are going to need to learn some leadership and professional behaviors before you are going to achieve your success.

2. Stop. Again, I’ll say it: stop. Stop what you are doing. Pause long enough to do some real reflection and learn what it is going to take to build your organization. The trend I see when working with my clients is they know they need to change their approach, but while they are working on looking in the mirror, they are still flaunting the broken version to the rest of the world.

Now I’m not saying to stop forever, but only until you are able to self-identify your deal-killing behaviors. Get intense about changing the identified behaviors that are hindering success. I offer my clients a two-day, fifteen-hour weekend intensive. It includes a behavioral assessment and an entire two-day weekend focused on identifying tendencies, off-putting behaviors, deal-killer tendencies, and a variety of other behaviors that are standing in the way.

This process does not have to take long, but it must happen on purpose!

You must be intentional about your success, or you are going to miss it.

3. Own it. Here’s the hard part. We have a tough pitch or a bad meeting, and we are forced to encounter our own lack of executive prowess. We are quickly reminded of our gaps in leadership ability, and we run out and read a book, get a mirror (hire a coach), take an assessment, or what I did early in my career: sulk.

A day or two passes, we get a good night’s sleep, have a night out with friends, and feel great. And then we are back to the same old behaviors.

This cannot happen.

But how do we make it stick?

Keep looking in the mirror, and when you see the beast, stop and remind yourself to own it!

This is a life-changing realization that can lead to the success you’ve been working to achieve.

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