Lessons in the Trenches

As I sat down at the keyboard to write after months buried in books and business I had to pause. The reason is I have been neck deep in financial projections, operational cost analysis, and pitch deck creation to share with investors. I have been pounding the pavement and initiating appointments to present our new business ventures to potential investors. I have also been meeting with clients helping them turn their business in the profit machines. I love coaching and I love seeing clients achieve new levels of financial and personal success..


In the process of two new start up projects, I have discovered a few lessons to share here.

  1. The second, or third, or fourth, or fifth startup does not get easier. I’ve been through the bootstrap business build process before and thought it would get easier…It does not. We have more knowledge but the projects tend to grow and so do the learning opportunities and challenges.
  2. The walk is lonely, and the voices of doubt and fear get louder with every new venture. The voices I refer to are the voices in our own head! The danger is we begin to compare not to others, but to our own past projects and this leaves us even more discouraged because we know what success feels like and are fighting to get there again. Keep Fighting it is worth it.
  3. Every success feels as amazing as it did the first time around, hold tight to the momentum…you will need it. I’ve found the journey to be rewarding but success is the goal and each small success reminds us that we are closer to the incredible and indescribable feeling of successfully building our own business.
  4. Embrace the struggle and remember those (maybe even you) that have walked this road before. This time around I’ve found that leaning on the journeys of others has kept me going as the hardships or disappointment come.  Remember that your dream is not solely about you.  It is about those that your product, service or organization are here to serve.

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The final lesson that I have learned so far stands on it’s own.  It cannot be lumped in with the others because it is not my own.  I was reminded of a truly priceless lesson.


You must be who you are meant to be, then do what you are meant to do, and then you will have what you are meant to have.  This is the only order of events that will lead to happiness and significance.

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