Let’s GO!

Let’s Go!

I want to start with a brief explanation of this blog (or my attempt at blogging).

Truth is I would rather be running my mouth than typing. That said, I’ve become enamored with the world of blogging. I’m doing this as more of a social experiment than anything else.

You see….My name is Matt
I’m a father and a husband
I belong to my family first.

I’m also a professional….
I’m a motivational speaker, leadership consultant, HR consultant, and wear a variety of other hats.

I’ve been doing public speaking professionally for over 14 years and I’ve decided it is time to take it to the next level. It is time to make it a business. I’m tired of being wrapped up in the corporate sector and want out of the daily grind. So, as I’m making my slow and steady break from this daily life I’m trying my hand at all kinds of new things.

That said I’m a father and a husband first. I’m not going to walk away from what must be done to provide for my family.

So, I continue to work my day job as a SR. HR Consultant for a technology company. There is a part of me though, that is dreaming about something very different from the here and now. I spend my day job dealing with employee issues, teaching classes, offering executive coaching, and much more. After a several years of doing this I have found that there are some patterns to what works and what does not.

I also feel that it’s in this pattern that we can start to redefine success. I feel that as we explore the world of motivation, inspiration, leadership and success we will uncover some truths by which we can shape our daily lives. We may even find out that deep inside of us is a purpose, a calling, a passion that is just waiting to surface.

We might even discover a whole bunch of them.

One of the biggest lies that people tend to believe is this:
“There is only one purpose for my life. If I miss my purpose, I’m doomed to be miserable the rest of my life”

It is on this principle that I disagree greatly.

There is a plethora of skills and tools that exist within you.

The question is not, “Do you have a purpose?” the question is, “Which one will you strive to carry out?” Where will you choose to place your effort and energy?
No one ever got to where they wanted to be by doing nothing.

So in the days, weeks, months, and years to come we are going to tear the mask off who we are and uncover the world that rests behind.


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