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Organizational Benefits of Coaching at Workplace

Companies either large or small use coaching for professional development, to improve productivity and enable succession plan. In fact, organizations and companies find coaching as a highly beneficial for career growth of the employees. There are many benefits that an organization, especially small businesses, can cultivate when they apply coaching to their workplace and some of these are:

Organizational Culture – Newly hired employee may not be accustomed to organization’s practices and acceptable behaviors thus; the coach will provide information on the organization’s culture and help him adjust to his role in the business.

Employee Retention – When coaching was done by an experienced professional coach, coachee may feel a greater sense of connection and commitment to the organization and encourages open communication to the management resulting in a positive work experience and company loyalty. This in effect will help the company saves its future effort and costs in hiring and training new employees for replacement.

Continuous Learning – As the organization or the company evolves, so does its process. Coaching is perfectly suited to replace obsolete process and learning styles. CEO’s, in particular, can highly benefit from having a professional coach because life at the top can be lonely which is why you need a coach with whom you can share your thoughts and opinion without fear of embarrassment or appearing feeble or irresolute.

Organizational Goals – Companies may align coaching program to its organizational goals in order to gain competitive advantage.

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In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s exceptionally important for organizations to encourage employees to engage both intellectually and emotionally. Through coaching, employees recognize themselves as an important part of the organization while making a heightened level of ownership. By cultivating employee engagement and retention along with other company ingenuities, coaching helps the employees feel dedicated to accomplishing their work in accordance with the vision of the organization.

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