The Reset Button

I admit. I am a child of the 80’s and because of this fact, I have a love affair with the original Nintendo Entertainment System or as we called it back then, the NES. I passed countless hours saving the princess in Super Mario Brothers or shooting ducks in Duck Hunt. My younger brother and I would play for hours.

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I also remember one very special button. However this button was not on the controller. This button was on the front of the machine. This button was the reset button, and the purpose was to reset the game back to the home screen. Now you may ask what this has to do with this decade. The answer is that there comes a point in the lives of each and every one of us that we are in need of a reset. We are desperate to go back to the beginning and tell a different story with our lives. This is the challenge with real life. We do not get that chance. In fact, we are rarely offered up a chance to reset and it is never on a silver platter. Though at times we do get the chance to pivot. To reset if you will. We may not be able to eliminate the past, but we can change direction. In life, very similar to the video games of my childhood we may want to hit the reset button. If we would like a reset we may just have to get up and walk across the room to push the button. In other words, we must take conscious and deliberate action to get off the path we have been on for far too long. Now the big questions is if I know I need a reset what can I do to reset the path I’m on?

1. Stop. You heard me. Stop. What you are doing now is what got you to where you are. Doing more of it will not take you down a different path. We must throw on the brakes. This can be hard for entrepreneurs like myself. I want to push forward, keep hustling, and keep fighting for the result I desire. However, there are times where the best thing we can do for our business and personal health is to stop.

2. Make a new plan. We cannot repeat the same actions as in the past and expect to change the future. We need to start fresh and think fresh. One of the best ways to do this is to read something new. A journal, a book, an article. Something must influence your mind intensely enough to ensure that we do not fall back into our old habits.

3. Execute the plan. There were so many times when I was playing video games as a kid that I knew what needed to be done but could not find a way to get it done. This is the stage of the process that we as entrepreneurs struggle with the most. We find a wall and we bang our heads against it hoping the situation changes. What entrepreneurs need is a reset, a pivot, to achieve their goals. Entrepreneurs need to not only make the plan, but follow it.

Entrepreneurial success is found through the reset. Stop, make a plan, and execute the plan, and the goals that you have for you and your business are never out of reach.

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