Role of friend

In continuation with the “3 people at once” series we are going to explore the role of friend or peer.
This function is often confused and it is often skewed. We have personal friends and that is a wonderful thing. But this does not fulfill the role of peer. What we are talking about here is a person that is growing with you. Think of Proverbs 27:17 that says as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another. This is the type of relationships we are talking about. It is about growth. It is about breaking down the walls they have held us captive in certain areas of our lives for years. It is about joining forces with a friend to pull each other out of hard situations. To celebrate triumphs together. To be completely transparent this is the hardest of the three roles for me to play. I love to learn and I love to teach but I’ve had very few meaningful peer relationships in my life. It is the piece of the equation that always seemed to be missing. This is the role that will require you to raise your Emotional Intelligence. You and I will both be forced by circumstance to enhance our abilities to adapt to the behaviors and beliefs of others.

This is an opportunity for great things. It is in the role of friend that we can find great innovation and creativity to fulfill our dreams and goals. When you take the time and risk to open yourself up to a peer and run the race of life together you will find that the rewards far out weigh the risks. You will have the opportunity to do life, to love, to laugh, to fail, to succeed. it is in this process the you and I will be refined. In this process and we can find people who can fill the voids that we feel in our lives.

True friendship is scary though. It is not to be taken lightly. For the risk is real. when you open yourself up to a peer to run the race of life with there will be pain. There will be ups and downs and the quality of the peer will be defined by how both parties are willing to adapt and change to grow and achieve greater levels of success both personally and professionally.

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My desire is to see you thrive. My goal is to see each and every person I encounter be their absolute best. I want to see you at the top of your game. I want to see the pain of the past mended. I want to see you rise from the ashes of life and burst in a phoenix. Born from hardship and pain and now ready to fly to new heights. Each and every one of us possess the ability to achieve great things and many of us may even be able to accomplish them all by ourselves, but consider the joy of conquering your mountains with a friend at your side.

So, here is your mission if you choose to accept it.

Find a friend, a peer, a partner. Find someone to do life in all forms with.

Lets make a way “WAYmakers”!

And let’s do it with a friend at our side.


2 thoughts on “Role of friend

  1. Isabelle

    Awesome! I have found good friends but almost impossible to find a true mentor or partner. The Start experiment was my way of TRULY punching fear in the face and getting up and committing to myself to find some support. Very encouraging! Thank you!

  2. bornalmost

    Yes, A teamwork always wins each battle of life. And a true friendship makes a good team.

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