Talk About “IT”

Motivation is what happens when you share your dream!

I had a realization Wednesday evening.

Let me explain… Wednesday evening from 5:15 to 7:15 is my Panera Bread write night.

This is 2 of the hours out of my week that I spend eating the Turkey Bravo sandwich and a cup of soup and on an occasion the highly addictive peanut butter cookie, and if I’m really motivated writing a blog or working on a book or preparing my next motivational presentation or talk.

As I was sitting at my favorite spot I came to the realization that we as people have a tendency to hide our dreams. We hide our passions. We hide our purpose from the world.

We tell no one what it is that motivates us to get up in the morning. We fail to tell others what we would do every day if money was not a factor.
We hide it. We bury it deep. We make up excuses of why this is a good thing. We tell ourselves things like this.

Reasons we hide our dreams:
•Someone will laugh at me
•They won’t understand
•They will steal my idea
•It is not fully developed yet
•I’ll sound like I’m bragging
•If I fail I’ll look like a liar
•They don’t want to hear about my dreams
•(Fill in the blank) You’ve sure to have a few of your own.

It shocks me how many times I’ve had friends for years that look at me one day out of the blue and say things like, “do you know what I’ve always wanted to do”?

I look at them and think we have been friends for 7 years and you are just mentioning this.

This is a chance to break free. Motivation comes from sharing. Sharing creates a sense of personal accountability. Once we make our passion known to others we feel a sense of commitment even in the hard times.

Speaking about things make them real. Don’t hide your dream! Make it known!

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Besides let someone try to steal your passion. No one and I mean No one will fulfill your dream as well as you do. It is your dream make it your reality.

In the comments of this post I want you to share your dream.

What are you passionate about? What keeps you up at night? What lasting impact do you want to leave on the world?

Let’s proclaim our purpose with power!



2 thoughts on “Talk About “IT”

  1. musicpastiche

    My dream is to be a Wagnerian tenor and also travel extensively nationally and internationally singing opera!

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