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Unofficially I began the #Startexp three weeks ago and officially we began 12 days ago. For those of you that do not know what this is let me explain. The Start Experiment is a 24 day social experiment with 2400 members linked through Facebook and other social media broken down into smaller groups and partnerships working together to start our own individual goals. This project was conceived and led by bestselling author of “Quitter” and “Start” Jon Acuff.

I signed up, jumped in, and still don’t know what is coming day-to-day.

This experiment is showing me something that will linger with me for life. We are at the halfway point and if nothing else happens, this is beyond worth it. As we have gone through the daily tasks I have heard people talking about life lessons they have learned. They have said things like punching fear in the face, Starting daily, waking up earlier, learning new skills and many other goals and focuses. I have had one word that has been by mantra from about day 3. The word that stands as my mantra is INTENTIONAL. This experiment has taught me to be intentional about my goals and vision. I’m not waiting for life to happen to me. I’m out happening to life.

In 20 days I have:

  • Spent more time with my family
  • Officially launched 2 new blogs
  • Posted 15 new posts
  • Finished a chapter and a half of my book’s rough draft.
  • Increased my social media network by 15%
  • Started mentoring 2 new people and 2 more potentially
  • I’ve dealt with some lingering fears
  • Started a daily workout and swimming regiment
  • Lost 5 lbs.
  • Started meeting with web designers to make blogs self-hosted
  • Identified over 85 orphan care ministries that our nonprofit can support
  • And more

I don’t say this to self-promote, I say this to bring attention to fact that I don’t have any more time in my weeks than I have for the past 10 years. I have the same amount of time in my schedule as ever. It is more about what I’m doing with the time I have been given. I have never had results like I am having right now. Let’s take a look at my weekly calendar: (Click on calendar to see full size)


I feel I may need to translate. “Bubby” is one of my son’s many nicknames. I make sure that I put time on my schedule to play with him and my wife together before he goes to bed. Everything on this calendar is there for a reason. I’m not allowing things to happen by accident anymore. This is what has led to new levels of success in my life both personal and professional.

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Instead of looking at my life as chaos, and overly busy, I’ve become intentional about having an impact on the world. I’ve become intentional about chasing my dreams. I’ve become intentional about fatherhood.

So what?

So, I want to see you survive and thrive. I want every person that takes the time to read this page to walk away with something that can lead to a higher level of success in life, personal and professional.

I want to take a second to encourage you with an outline of a few steps you can take to become intentional in life.

  1. Make the big things the big things and the small things the small things
    1. Make a list of the important things that have true value
    2. Successful people should 80% or more of your time on “big things”.
  2. On Paper, On Purpose – Write or type out what you want to accomplish
    1. Do this first thing in the morning and do it daily.
    2. Stick with it. Keep it up for 3 weeks before quitting
  3. Be present in the moment.
    1. This is at the core of living intentional. You must be engaged in the moment or you will miss it.
    2. Find joy in the moment. Moments are fleeting

Please spend the next three weeks building intentional life patterns and I would love to see and hear what you accomplish in this short amount of time.



6 thoughts on “The Successful Get Intentional

  1. themantisshrimp

    Awesome. I have participated in a similar self-experiment recently. By setting many goals and managing my calendar in a fashion similar to you yours, I was likewise much better able to achieve multiple goals across many areas of my life. Thanks for posting.

    • Matt

      Thanks for the encouragement. Finding time where I thought I did not BBC have any has been huge. I had to stop wasting my efforts on things that did not matter.

  2. Jason Sprague

    Great job Matt. The #Startexp has really made a difference for so many people. I look forward to watching your impact grow.

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  4. Trent Hendricks

    I am actually reading this book now. How do I join a group?

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