Thief in the Night

The crippling internal dialogue that locks us in place and steals our motivation.  The criticism of friends and family that never seems to stop. This thief comes in the night, stealthily slips into the back corners of of our minds and waits for the moment to attack our dreams. The thief that comes in the night to steal our prized possessions.

This thief is not restricted to the realm of worldly possessions. This is the thief that steals our hopes, dreams, plans and aspirations. This thief cannot be caught with our hands and other physical things.

The truth is that this thief is far more crafty then we can imagine. He steals not only our results, but our time, thoughts, our knowledge, confidence and so much more.

We must be aware of his ways. The thief comes early in the morning whispering that going back to sleep is a worth while thing to do. This thief tells us that pursuing higher education is a waste of time and money. This thief tells us that we are wasting our time dreaming of big audacious goals.

Let me make something perfectly clear. The thief is a liar! The challenge that we face is that often in the midst of trial and circumstances we cannot hear the truth. So we fixate on the lie that the thief tells us. We allow the half truths to overwhelm us and keep us from accomplishing our greater purpose. We stop risking and start excepting the lies as truth.

I’m definitely guilty of this at times. What I’ve found is that when I begin to accept the lies, I begin to lose my joy. It is the hope for a better tomorrow and the pursuit of my passion that makes everyday worth striving for, but when I allow the the thief in my mind to steal that from me, I cannot help but become overwhelmed and discouraged.

So let’s look at 3 ways to deal with the thief.

  1. We must identify the thief.  We cannot move on to the next steps until we know what the thief looks like and sounds like in our own life. It maybe another person and their negativity, It maybe the things we watch, read and listen to, or it may be a simple as the voices in our own minds that keep up from moving forward.
  2. We must take the thief captive. We cannot continue to give the thief free reign over our dreams , thoughts, and efforts. There comes a point in time where we must take captive the thoughts and comments of others. At this point we have identified who or what the thief is in our lives, so  now it is our job to lock the thoughts away or to analyze them to remove the power they have over us.
  3. We must destroy the thief. The best way to destroy the thief that comes to steal, kill and destroy our hope and joy is to stop listening to the lies and begin declaring the truth. What truth is that you may ask. The truth is clear….You are not defeated, you are the head and not the tail. You have in you the ability to accomplish that which you set out to accomplish. You possess the mind and abilities necessary to accomplish your dreams.

So you’ve dealt with the thief. You’ve identified it, taken it captive, and destroyed it. So now the only question is, “will you use what you have to chase your dream?” Will you stop letting those pesky thieves steal your passion?  At this point it has nothing to do with what the thief says or does. The thief may be lurking, but truth has destroyed it. It’s up to you to keep moving forward. The ball is in your court and you can do with it whatever you choose to do.

Make it count. Serve Others, Lead Others, and Chase Dreams!





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One thought on “Thief in the Night

  1. Mary

    I totally agree. After the tragic death of my husband, I was bombarded with so many attacks especially from people who I thought should have been helping cope at such a difficult time. To make matters worse I lost my father four months later my mother having died five years earlier. It suddenly occurred to me that the thief was ready to pull me down. I realised that the power to overcome had been put inside me by God. I realised that people could not control me unless I let them. I decided to exchange all the ashes of my life with beauty that God offers me daily. I have risen above the storm. People think I am courageous. Yet all I ever did was to shake off every trash that people threw at me and simply stepped on them and moved on. I am blessed with a wonderful son and we have resolved to continue positively with life. We focus more on what we have rather than on what we think we might be missing. Am living positively. What people think or say about me is none of my business. How I choose to react to them is what defines who I am. My motto is, come on thief, am already armed.

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