There is a WAY!

I was reminded this morning that there is always a way.

Before we explore the way let’s take a moment to explain what I’m talking about.

I’m sure we all have roadblocks in life.
Something is standing between you and your dream.

A desire to lose weight blocked by the tray of cupcakes that the office staff brings to the office every day. A desire to exercise at 5 am is blocked by a crying child that was awake from 2:00am to 4:30 am. A desire to launch and run a business is blocked by the need to provide a weekly paycheck for the family. A desire to serve orphan children is blocked by the lack of resources to travel and lack of time to do it.

The list of dreams that seem to have an insurmountable roadblock is endless. If you give me a dream or goal; I can likely come up with a roadblock.
What is so sad is that for this very reason there are books that are never written. For this very reason starving children go unfed. For this very reason businesses never open their doors. For this very reason great things that could have been will never be!

So my goal is to teach you to tear down the roadblocks
But before we start mass demolition let me set some expectations.
This is not permanent demolition and there will always be new blocks on the roads to living your passion.
So, if we want to be a “WAYmaker” we need to come with demolition gear in place.
So what does it take to destroy all the things that stand in the way of our dreams?

Here we go….5 steps to becoming a “WAYmaker”.

1. Do your research– No matter what it is you want to accomplish you must know what is in the way. You also don’t want collateral damage. You don’t want to lose parts of your dream because you destroyed or delayed them along the way by your actions.
2. Don’t let your fear lock you up – Over the past 10 day’s I’ve been a part of the Start Experiment hosted by New York Times Best Selling Author Jon Acuff. I’ve been amazed to see the 2400 members of the group that have brilliant ideas with amazing talent that have been locked up by fear. People that can make an incredible impact on our society that have been locked up in the prison of fear and self-doubt. Let me make this crystal clear. YOU WILL SUCCEED! Not for any reason except success is in the journey not the finish. My challenge to you is to BREAK OUT! Get out of your prison. Today is the day to use your get out of jail free card!
3. Plan your attack– each and every goal is a little different. Now, how does planning your attack differ from your research? Research was about knowing where you want to go. Your attack is about how you’re going to take the road block apart one piece at a time.
4. Speak softly and carry a big stick- This is a great Africa proverb made famous by U.S President Theodore Roosevelt. But this is a time for talk to cease! Talk is cheap! It is time to go to war with the walls that stand between us and our purpose. In epic Hollywood fashion I hear in the back of mind phrase like. “To those of you about to die…We salute you” and “It’s a good day to die” and by far my favorite from Braveheart “FREEEEEDOM”. What every your battle cry this is the time to let it ring. It time to start swinging the big stick. It is time to dismantle the road blocks that stand in our way.
5. Assess the Damage and destroy the remains– This is a point where we look around at the battlefield of our passions and assess the damage. Nurse your wounds and destroy any remaining pieces of the roadblock. Move forward. Knowing that you will find yourself with another battle to fight.

Dream chasing is the warrior way.

We will be faced with challenges through the journey, but “WAYmakers” don’t stop when things get hard, they don’t slow down when they are tired. They run all the harder. I want you to run with reckless abandon. I want you to break out of your prison, destroy the road blocks, and take no prisoners on your journey to live your passion to the fullest.
As I write this I can barely sit still. I want to jump through the screen and stand at your side as we destroy roadblocks together.

You have a passion inside and nothing should stand in the way.

Rise up “WAYmaker” and make an impact on your world and the globe that will not be forgotten!

You’ve got skills “WAYmaker” it is time to use them!

If you are ready to be a “WAYmaker” let me know how I can help you go to war and make WAY!


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