Why Coaching in Workplace and Why Now

Coaching in the workplace is about bringing out the potential in you and your employees. It’s a beneficial way to develop people’s skill, abilities, and boost workplace performance. Formal coaching in the workplace helps develop the internal culture of the organization that supports the customer experience. Coaching in the workplace can help develop the organizations challenging situations with one another and customers before they become a major problem.

In many companies, coaching is considered as a proven approach that enhances productivity and performance of the employees helping them to achieve their full potential. Companies like IBM and Hewlett-Packard have included coaching in their management/leadership development. It is identified by these organizations that coaching is a critical leadership and management competency. Another company like Fed-Ex utilizes coaching in the workplace, to support innovative ways of thinking leading to continuous improvement.

Every business knows that employee retention is important and coaching supports your employee’s career/professional development and satisfaction, in which makes them feel valued. Also, employees who are coached to perform are more committed and invested in the outcomes of their work and achievement for organizational goals compare to those employees who are managed to perform.

Successful organizations have also learned that continuous coaching & training with their employees is essential to remain competitive. However, without coaching, training fails its effectiveness rapidly and habitually fails to attain the lasting behavioral changes needed. While training is an “event”, coaching is a process, a development, which is a valuable next phase to training to guarantee that the new knowledge imparted, actually, becomes a learned behavior.

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